Join me on a journey to find yourself…and create your dream business.

Become a Rocking Life Entrepreneur!

Who is this for? 

People with ADHD who are multi-faceted individuals with multiple magnificent talents, who want find focus so they can make reliable money doing what they love. This is for folx who currently have a business, have an idea for one (or a zillion ideas), or just want to do something different with their lives. 

Do you…?

  • Feel trapped in a dead-end job or hate working for someone who doesn’t appreciate you? 
  • Want the freedom of making your schedule and working when YOU feel like it or have the energy to?
  • Have multiple gifts and talents but you don’t know what to do with them? 
  • Want the freedom of working for yourself but you don’t know where to start? 
  • Have TOO MANY ideas for a business and overwhelmed by wanting to do them all? 
  • Know you want to be your own boss but don’t have the confidence to turn your gifts into money makers?
  • Lack the focus or drive to start your own business and just need someone to cheer you on? 

Do you want…?

  • To make money doing what you love
  • The ability to make your own schedule
  • To work from anywhere with a wi-fi connection
  • Coaching and accountability to support you to achieve your wildest dreams
  • Easy to implement systems for your business
  • Accountability so you stick to it and do the thing for real this time
  • To be the change and make a positive impact in the world
  • To have fun in the process

Join like-minded peeps that feel the same as you and become a Rocking Life Entrepreneur!

What’s included: 

  • 16 Weekly group workshopping calls with Taraleigh. Fun & Interactive with laser coaching.
  • Private exclusive virtual space for you to get support 24/7
  • Workbook with journal prompts to give you focus to achieve your goals
  • 11 modules with videos, classes, and assignments
  • Graduation ceremony (invite your friends and family) and a certificate mailed to you

Recipe for Success: 

Ingredient 1: The Course

  • Interactive online course format where you can learn at your own pace
  • 11 Amazing Modules where we will help you to simplify your life, tap into your unique gifts, and get clear on how to build your dream business…where you have the freedom to live life how you want.
    • Module 1: Make Space for your Business
    • Module 2: How to Use your Unique Gifts in your Business
    • Module 3: Define Who You Want to Impact
    • Module 4: Cultivate Habits of High Vibe thriving successful entrepreneurs that feel free
    • Module 5: Getting to Know Your Dream Clients
    • Module 6: Create Your Magnetic Offer
    • Module 7: Master your Magnetic Offer
    • Module 8: Enroll paying clients/customers 
    • Module 9: Enroll even more paying clients/customers 
    • Module 10: Fun, easy, feel-good invitation based marketing
    • Module 11: Rock your Magic Money Maker mindset

Ingredient 2: The Rocking Life Entrepreneur Community 

  • Includes a Private, intimate Facebook Group
  • Weekly work parties (work intentionally together to get sh*t done)

Ingredient 3: The Coaching 

  • Weekly group coaching calls to hash it out (with individual and small group support)


  • Lifetime access to the content 
  • Done-For-You Templates
    • Crafting the perfect invitation emails and social media posts
    • Market research scripts 
    • Slam dunk sales scripts
    • Sales page template 
    • Workday flow
  • Tech Trainings
    • Social media automation
    • Newsletter integration 
    • Creating a basic logo and branding for your business
    • And more!

It’s all happening!!!

The Investment is ONLY $2222. Payment plans are available as low as $197/month.

But is it really worth it?

  • The Rocking Life Entrepreneur System: $5555 value
  • Magic Money Maker Business Check List: $197 value
  • Tech Trainings from Katie: $197 value
  • Done-For-You Templates: $197 value 
  • Weekly Group Workshopping Coaching Calls with Taraleigh: $3997 value
  • Work Parties: $197 value

Valued over $10,000!!!

$3333 For you- JUST $2222!

14 Day Money Back Guarantee 

If you join the Rocking Life Entrepreneur and you watch the videos, participate in live calls, support circles, connect with biz buddies, complete and document the action steps, attend the retreat and you feel it’s not a fit for you, we will give you your money back. 

Rocking Life Entrepreneur runs for 16 weeks

Invest in Full $2222

6 Month Plan ($377/month)

12 Month Plan ($197/month)

About your host:

Taraleigh Weathers wants to live in a world with lots of live music where people are celebrated for their uniqueness.

As a coach, she’s been featured in Relix Magazine, Huffington Post, No Simple Road Podcast, and MindBodyGreen. She’s been a featured speaker/teacher at festivals such as Hulaween, Grand Point North, and Tumbledown Festival. Her book How to Rock Your Life has been called the best book in the entire Universe by a few people on the internet.

She also co-hosts a podcast on the Osiris network where musicians and health and wellness experts discuss how to live your best life every day and what happens in our minds and bodies during live music. How can it help us to heal and grow?

When she’s not helping people build businesses that make them feel free, you can find her at a festival dancing like a wild woman.

What is it like to work with Taraleigh?

Taraleigh is one of my most favorite people to share my space with. She provides a safe and inclusive space and seems to attract the most wonderful humans around. Every retreat has taught me how to breathe better, eat healthier and be present and vulnerable. I love Taraleigh’s fabulous energy and I most definitely found my tribe.” ~Lauren B.

“Before working with Taraleigh, I felt like I was too weird and not good enough to make a difference in my own life or anyone else’s. After working with Taraleigh, I realized that the only way I could learn to use the tools was to believe in myself and experiment with them. I needed to take chances.” ~Lauren M.

Working with you shifted my perspective and helped me realize we all have magic inside us and that I’m not too old to go after, experience & do ALL the things. My time hasn’t past and playing small serves nobody. I’d say that if you’re wanting to experience life with more joy & authenticity then Taraleigh will help pull the magic out of you while helping you navigate what it is you desire for your business/life and believe it is all possible. Also, if music & dance is your thing than there’s no one better to shake things up with & literally ROCK your life! ~Kate B.

“I assure you that you will walk away with a better sense of self & direction. Taraleigh has an incredible ability to help you find your inner strength.” ~Dawn J.

My life has forever changed since I met you🤟 my music is better I can love more and be a better person” ~ Austin R

What does it feel like to be a Rocking Life Entrepreneur?

Some of the changes you’ll notice are:

You’ll feel more free!

You’ll shift your perspective.

You’ll feel confident.

You’ll feel successful.

You’ll feel seen for how amazing you are.

You’ll feel excited to work with your clients/customers everyday.

You’ll feel focused.

You’ll feel ready to make your dreams come true.

So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to become a Rocking Life Entrepreneur?

Join us Now!

If you have any questions or aren’t ready to take the leap quite yet send me an email at Taraleigh@rockinglife.com.

I’m here for you!