Want to create healthy habits and change your life using Taraleigh’s effective and magical ADHD strategies? You’ll make a simple plan from your complex goals so you’ll be able to easily stick to them even it been proven to be extremely difficult before. Don’t let another year fly by without making the changes you keep saying you want to make. 2023 is the Year of YOU!!! Work with Taraleigh and the Rocking Life Coaches and you’ll quickly see how your ADHD is actually the key to your success. Let’s do this!!!!

Individuals with ADHD benefit from accountability coaching because they have difficulty staying on task and following through with responsibilities. Taraleigh and the Rocking Life Coaches will help you to establish goals, create a plan to achieve those goals, and hold you accountable on a weekly basis so you follow through with your plan. Additionally, we will help you develop strategies for managing your ADHD symptoms and overcoming any obstacles that may be preventing you from achieving your goals. We’ve got the secret sauce and we’re gonna share it with you.

Why are Taraleigh and the Rocking Life Coaches the people to work with?

After 45 years of life on earth as a neurdiverse human and 17 years being her own boss, Taraleigh has learned a thing or two about managing her time and keeping herself on track of her goals. It wasn’t easy that’s for sure. When there was one there to make sure that I was doing the things I said I was going to do, it was really freakin hard to stay motivated to keep going. I started getting accountability, started using visioning as a mindset tool, and I broke goal into small do-able steps I knew I could crush. And it worked!

This is why accountability is the magic potion you need to achieve your dreams and change your life. Just so you know… It’s so much more than simply accountability coaching though so be prepared to have your world rocked.

Let’s see if Rocking Life Accountability Coaching is for you. Picture this:

  • You’ll meet with Taraleigh 1 on 1 to get clear on what goals you have, uncover what distractions and blocks you have that keep you from doing the thing, create your first THINGS I GET TO-DO list together, create loving boundaries with your distractions, do a visioning exercise, and write a mind-blowing mantra that will change how you see yourself, and work on shifting your mindset to someone who finishes what they started. You’ll kick ADHD paralysis in the booty while learning how to become playfully productive rocking a free flowing schedule that works with your energy that has structure, but not too much so you don’t get bored or feel too confined. I’ll make sure you don’t forget self-care, fun, play, and live music!
  • Every week you’ll connect with your personal Accountability Coach (via phone/zoom/Facetime) to celebrate what you accomplished for the week, talk about why you didn’t do something (if you didn’t) and devise a plan to do it differently, come up with new simple actions to take for the week (your coach will work with you to break everything on your list down into tiny steps so you’ll never feel overwhelmed again), and write a new THINGS I GET TO-DO list.
  • You’ll connect bi-weekly with Taraleigh (and mindset experts) and her other clients on mindset calls to work on blocks and rock your mindset.
  • You’ll make new friends and connect with others who have ADHD like you in the exclusive Rocking Life Community.

Is this what you’ve been looking for your whole life?  Investment: $297/month. Click below to purchase the monthly plan or contact me to get 1 month for free when you sign up for a year commitment! 

Want the Accountability but don’t have time for a weekly face-to-face check-in? Meet with your coach once a week on Voxer! $197/month. Click below to purchase the monthly plan or contact me to get 1 month for free when you sign up for a year commitment! 

Want it all? Weekly Zoom call + 3 Voxer Check-ins =$397. Click below to purchase the monthly plan or contact me to get 1 month for free when you sign up for a year commitment! 


Breaking down your main objective into smaller steps then making a to-do list out of it was life changing. This list will become your best friend because now that you have everything you need written down, it’s all easy steps from there on out. Doing the thing is the easy part, finding where to start is what’s difficult. After working with Taraleigh, she guided me with everything I needed to succeed. I feel more uplifted about myself and my dreams. Before working with Taraleigh everything seemed not accomplishable, but now I’m doing the freaking thing. So If I can do it, anyone can do it. You need to hop on this train of accountability coaching because she is it! Taraleigh knows what she’s talking about and she’s so very supportive and wants to see you succeed. She is such an awesome person to work with! 

Jasmine H

I’ve never felt so chill while getting so much done in my entire life. Accountability coaching is something I never want to live without again.


I have never felt so seen before in my life. I’ve struggled with ADHD since I can remember and was always ashamed and embarrassed about my struggles. I felt comfortable to talk about it with Taraleigh and as someone who has ADHD herself, she was able to relate. She saw that I wasn’t broken. I just needed to do things differently. This is the first time in my life that I feel confident that I can finish what I started.


This whole process has completely changed how I do things and how I see myself. I thought I was signing up for Accountability Coaching and I got so much more. I’ve never felt less overwhelmed in my life.


What happened when I started working with Taraleigh was so much different than I thought. I had forgotten to have fun and to play within my business and she brought that to my life with such ease. We worked on that and all of a sudden all my blocks cleared and I started being so productive. It was pure magic.


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