Closet Rescue Squad:

30-Days (Self-Paced) of Tossing Away Stuff You Don’t Need in the End to Banish Chaos, Find Your Bliss, and Transform Your Space (Forever)

I used to be so pissed at my closet too! She was a b*tch who caused a sh*t storm wreaking havoc in my life over and over again. Even though I attempted (and sometimes succeeded) to de-clutter and organize her, I couldn’t maintain her. I didn’t have a system that worked, so without fail, every month or so, she’d pretty much explode again making me feel nauseous every time I had to see her (which was everyday.) This caused me to lose hours of precious time searching for my favorite leggings that were lost in her abyss. If that’s the relationship you’re in with your closet right now, know you’re not alone and keep reading.

  1. Difficulty with Organization: It’s really freakin hard to maintain an organized closet when you don’t know where to start and how to do that.
  2. Impulse Buying: You just gotta have that thing you don’t need, and you’re going to make up a thousand reasons to support your claim.
  3. Procrastination: You’ll do it tomorrow, you swear.
  4. Overwhelm: Ahhhhhhhhh ugh poo. Time to hide in your bed forever.
  5. Lack of Time: You waste so much time looking for stuff but are too busy to do anything about it.
  6. Attachment to Items: You can’t live without it even though you have no clue where it is.
  7. Inconsistent Systems: You’ve cleaned your closet before, but it keeps on exploding month after month.
  8. Difficulty in Prioritizing: Everything else in your life is more important like scrolling the internet for hours.
  9. Distractibility: What were you doing again?
  10. Perfectionism: You think, “It’s gotta be perfect, or what’s the point, so I’m not going to try.”

Introducing the Closet Rescue Squad. What’s that?!?!

You’ll receive:

  • The Closet Rescue Squad Online Course:
    • 3 Modules with 30 easy-to-follow daily prompts
      • Preparation prompts so you are set up for success (I thought of all the things that you might forget about.)
      • Mindset prompts so you are mentally ready to make a change in your closet and life forever and ever.
      • Learning my Getting Rid of Sh*t Method and putting it into practice as you de-clutter each area of your closet quickly and with ease.
      • Learning how to maintain your closet moving forward so it never ever explodes again.
  • Rocking Life Community: monthly Hot Tea Parties with all of your new friends!
  • The Jumpstart Checklist: See the proof in the lactose-free pudding and get a big’ ol dopamine hit as you cross off each prompt.
  • Rocking Your Closet with Music: Harness the power of music to make your closet rehab smoother with done-for-you playlists.
  • Bonus Course: Funky Bitch: Define Your Personal Style with New-To-You Fancy Clothes

My shopping addiction was out of control, and I needed someone to help me clean up my closet (and my life). Working with Taraleigh was life-changing. She helped me curb my binge shopping, and also helped me save money for something I’m truly passionate about. I actually saved up to see Phish shows and had extra cash to catch Billy Strings too!


Let’s team up and rock the boat – together, we’re the captains of this big boat!

Here’s the icing on the closet cupcake: you get all of this fabulousness for pay-whatever-you-wish! I want to make my courses available for all!

Your journey to having a majestic closet FOREVER starts right now, and trust me, you’ve totally got this! We’re about to kick chaos to the curb and make your closet so organized, it’ll shine like a disco ball. 🌟

Think about all those hours you’ll save each year, no more frantic searches for your missing stuff – it’s time to wave those headaches goodbye!

Are you feeling uninspired in your life?

Do you want to do something different but aren’t sure where to start?

Rock your vision for 2022 and:

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